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About us

Hi there! I’m Daisy (aka Dee). I’m a natural light portrait photographer living in Gilbert, AZ. I spend my days daydreaming of stunning images, cooking, and keeping sane with 2 teens and 3 pups. I’m a Registered Nurse by trade, but photography has always been my love, and somehow brought me here. I’ve always loved the look of film. It is timeless and classic, and that’s what I base my photography on. Are you looking for natural, unique images with true personality and family connection? Your photography session with us is not just “taking pictures”… we will create art and memories that can be passed down from generations. And if you’re like me who’s passionate about photographs…the actual-hold-in-your-hands-photographs that remind you of that special day, then you should call us! We have different options that will document your photography session into keepsakes that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Better Together

I’m very lucky to be sharing this photography passion with my husband Wes. We do all photography assignments together, so you’ll get 2 creative minds during the shoot! We LOVE to travel, so don’t think you’re too far away! We have our bags and gears packed, and can meet our clients anywhere in the country.

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Photo Galleries

The DHerrera Photography collection. We document smiles and milestones.

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